Coronavirus: Dubai police fine woman $2,722 for hosting house party with a band

Coronavirus: Dubai police fine woman $2,722 for hosting house party with a band

Dubai Police have fined a woman $2,722 (AED 10,000) organizing house party with a musical band, in violation of existing regulations against public gatherings amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The police said the woman, who they did not identify, was fined after she had hosted a house party with a music band playing live music and guest who did not comply with social distancing measures or the wearing of facemasks.

“Brigadier Jamal Salem al-Jallaf, director of the General Department of Criminal Investigations at Dubai Police, said the violator was fined per resolution No. (38) for 2020 which states that a fine of AED10,000 is applicable to whoever invites or organizes gatherings, meetings, private and public celebrations or being present in groups at public places or private farms,” said in a statement.

Al-Jallaf confirmed that members of the music band and guests were each slapped a fine of $1,361 (AED 5,000) for their involvement in the house party.

The latest fine comes a day after Dubai Police arrested an Arab actress – identified only by her initials as “M.H” – after she had organized parties to mark her birthday at two restaurants and published videos of the events on social media.

Al-Jallaf reiterated that authorities will fine 10,000 dirhams for anyone who hold gatherings, meetings, private or public parties as a punishment.

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