Coronavirus: Bahrain, Jordan to open walk-in G42 COVID-19 vaccine trials

Coronavirus: Bahrain, Jordan to open walk-in G42 COVID-19 vaccine trials

Bahrain and Jordan will be the next two countries to open walk-in clinics for volunteers to take part in Abu Dhabi-based G42 Healthcare’s phase III vaccine trials.

The trials are the world’s first Phase III trials of an inactivated COVID-19 vaccine, a term referring to the use of virus particles that can no longer produce more disease in a vaccine. Phase III trials expand research previously conducted on a new medicine and give the drug to a larger group of people than earlier clinical phases with the aim of testing for safety.

The new openings will allow thousands of volunteers to take part in the trials, known as the #4Humanity campaign, in the two countries, in addition to existing centers in Sharjah and Abu Dhabi in the UAE.

Bahrain’s Ministry of Health emphasized that the inactivated vaccine being tested does not cause COVID-19 infection, but instead triggers an immune response that produces antibodies to fight the virus. The effectiveness of the antibody response will be used to measure how successful the vaccine is, a statement read.

Volunteers will receive periodic check-ups with doctors after their initial shot of the vaccine, followed by a second injection three weeks later.

Final checks are then conducted 35 days and 49 days after vaccination with doctors checking for any adverse effects. Patients will need to continue to contact doctors at least once a month by phone for up to a year after first vaccination, the statement added.

The trials began in Abu Dhabi on July 16 and are being managed by G42 Healthcare in partnership with the Department of Health – Abu Dhabi, the UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHAP), and Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (SEHA).

Sinopharm CNBG, a Chinese-based pharmaceutical company and the sixth largest vaccine producer in the world, developed the vaccine.

Volunteers will “help fight and prevent the COVID-19 pandemic and save precious human lives all around the world,” 4Humanity said in a statement.

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