Clown Killed While Defending Mom, Her Baby From a Thief in Mexico

Clown Killed While Defending Mom, Her Baby From a Thief in Mexico

A brave clown who helped sick children with laughter therapy was shot dead trying to defend a woman and her baby when they were attacked by a robber in a restaurant.

Humberto Rojas Landa, also known as Doctor Cosquillas, or ‘Doctor Tickle’, was gunned down in a busy restaurant in Puebla, Mexico.

According to witnesses, an armed man broke into the restaurant in the Chulavista area of the city in order to rob customers on February 6.

The heroic clown, also known as Payaso Solecito – Little Sun Clown in English – tried to defend a woman and her son from the man and hit him with a water jug.

The robber then shot the 51-year-old in the head before fleeing the scene with only a single stolen mobile phone as loot, local media report.

Solecito was taken to the hospital where he spent 24 hours fighting for his life before he died. It is not clear if he was working as a clown at the time of the attack.

Municipal police arrived at the scene of the crime and checked the CCTV cameras but the suspect, who was seen running away in the CCTV footage, has not been identified or arrested yet.

Before his death, Rojas Landa was giving laugh therapy to ill children and was also part of other charitable activities.

Tributes flooded in for the much-loved entertainer in the wake of his passing.

The community of the Municipal Institute of Art and Culture of Puebla joined hundreds of citizens, friends and government authorities in sending condolences to his family.

Family and friends have asked the public for financial support to bury him as they do not have enough money to pay for the funeral.

The police investigation is ongoing, according to local media.

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