Cleaner Charged With Stealing $571 From Drawer in Dubai Courts’ Office

Cleaner Charged With Stealing $571 From Drawer in Dubai Courts' Office

A cleaner went on trial on Monday at the Dubai Court of First Instance charged with stealing Dh2,100 ($571) from a drawer in an office at the Dubai Courts.

Public prosecution records show that the incident took place on December 10 last year when the 29-year-old Bangladeshi cleaner took advantage that a judicial officer walked out of his office to open a drawer, which was not locked, and steal the amount from it.

The defendant has remained in detention since then.

The complainant, an Emirati, said that he left his office shortly between 9am and 10am. “When I came back, I found the cleaner there. I was surprised that he had opened a drawer in my desk and was holding my wallet. I told him to wait.”

In the meantime, as recounted by the judicial officer, the cleaner began apologising and imploring for pardon.

“I ignored him and alerted the section director and the police were called.”

When the cleaning supervisor arrived, he was surprised that the cleaner was present there since he was not supposed to clean that section.

According to the complainant, when the police reached there, the defendant confessed to them that he had stolen the money. “A policeman told me to check my wallet. I found then that an amount of Dh2,100 ($571) was missing from it.”

The complainant told the prosecutor that he had previously lost Dh1,000 ($272) and expensive eyeglasses were stolen from his colleague.

The police searched the accused and found the amount with him. During police interrogation and public prosecution investigation, the accused admitted to the charge.

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