‘Cigarette Wearing a Dress’! Shams Attacks Ola Alfares

'Cigarette Wearing a Dress'! Shams Attacks Ola Alfares

Kuwaiti singer Shams participated in the attack campaign against Jordanian anchor Ola Alfares, after her controversial tweet, where she was accused of ridiculing the collapse of oil prices in Saudi Arabia.

Ola tweeted: “5 Dollars! .. Salt of the beloved one is gone”, which is an Arabic idiom for “something that has become useless”.

Many social media users interpreted Alfares’s words as a mockery of the collapse in oil prices in Saudi Arabia, and thus felt prompted to launch a sharp attack at her.

Kuwaiti singer Shams joined the attack, by responding to the tweet saying: “Hatred and shame is a disease that needs to be cured. Among its symptoms is that the body of the malevolent is like a cigarette wearing a dress.”

Ola Alfares ignored Shams’s tweet, but responded to others, saying: “I’m checking Twitter and it amazes me the responses to this tweet, we are talking about the future contracts in West Texas /Trump. I do not understand why some tweeps distort everything, as if the comments are directed at them and pour their insults and words, known to you of course, this arena is a space for respectful expression. Take it easy.. Your ‘re being over dramatic.”

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