“Chronicles of Her” premiere Marks World Human Rights Day 2020

In the framework of the UNESCO regional programme co-funded by the European Union “Enhancing a gender responsive film sector in the Maghreb – Mashreq region”/MED FILM, anthology film “Chronicles of Her” premiers online on Thursday, December 10 marking World Human Rights Day.  The work addresses gender equality issues, to raise awareness about gender-based violence through deliberately showing stereotypical stories. 

The film was produced during the capacity reinforcement of the Royal Film Commission – Jordan to different actors working in the production process of films.


The project is seeking stories dealing with gender equality, domestic violence, physical abuse and discrimination against women, equal access to education, health care, decent working conditions as well as representation in the political and economic decision-making processes.

The project is one from combining five shorts from five Arab countries (Jordan, Tunisia, Lebanon, Egypt and Morocco), funded by the RFC and supervised by an internationally acclaimed team from the Arab world guiding the production from script development to exhibition. The five short films are edited and cut into one feature- length anthology film to be distributed internationally, targeting international, regional and local festivals.

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