Chrissy Metz Reveals She Was scared to Act With a Baby on ‘This is Us’

Chrissy Metz Reveals She Was scared to Act With a Baby on 'This is Us'

The 39-year-old actress appeared on Tuesday’s episode of A Little Late with Lilly Singh, where she discussed her character Kate Pearson’s foray into motherhood and the challenges of acting with a baby on set.

On This is Us, Kate (Metz) and her husband, Toby Damon (Chris Sullivan), welcomed their first child, son Jack, in Season 3. Season 4 has seen the couple learn to navigate parenthood and the challenges of raising Jack, who has special needs.

“So, you know, Kate and Toby now have a baby with special needs, which is so incredible to even have so many different storylines to have presented on a network television show. Like, it just doesn’t happen,” Metz said.

“Kate and Toby are navigating parenthood, but also with a special needs baby. And what does that mean for them and their dynamic? And they were still learning how to put their own oxygen masks on themselves. So, things are going to go down, y’all,” she teased.

Metz said it was initially intimidating to act with Weldon “Wells” Barnes, the baby who plays baby Jack.

“Initially, I was just so scared. I was like, ‘Okay, okay, it’s fine,'” Metz recalled. “But now that they’ve got the whole, you know, nap schedule and feeding schedule, I don’t think he hates me, which is a bonus. So that’s all situated.”

“The babies can only work for 20 minutes at a time, for two hours, max,” she added. “So you better get your lines, and you better get them right and you better get them tight, because you don’t get to have these unlimited takes.”

Metz said she also acts with a silicone replica of Barnes, which she and the cast refer to as “Jelly Jack.”

“Holding the silicone baby, he’s heavier and obviously more cumbersome. So that has become very challenging,” she said. “And to make it look believable.”

On A Little Late with Lilly Singh, Metz also shared her love for sneakers over high heels. She said she got her first job at McDonald’s because she wanted to buy a pair of Nikes.

This is Us airs Tuesdays on NBC.

The series co-stars Mandy Moore, Milo Ventimiglia, Sterling K. Brown and Justin Hartley.

Moore, who plays Rebecca Pearson, released the album Silver Landings, her first album in over 10 years, last week. She said Tuesday on The Ellen DeGeneres Show that it’s “dreamy” to live in a musical household with her husband, musician Taylor Goldsmith.

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