China to Build ‘Super Swing’ which Stands 30-Stories Tall

China to Build 'Super Swing' which Stands 30-Stories Tall

Thriller-seekers take note: this could be your most exhilarating post-lockdown ride.

A Chinese scenic spot has built a huge swing on the edge of a 2,300-foot-tall cliff and is planning to apply for the world record of the largest swing.

The arch of the extreme ride is a whopping 328 feet tall, roughly the equivalent of a 30-storey-tall building.

Head engineer Shi Xuebin said the swing could reach a maximum angle of 90 degrees above the ground, or 230 feet from the edge of the cliff.

The engineer has ensured the public the safety of the machine.

The swing has undergone four months of security checks and is able to withstand a magnitude 10 earthquake as well as high winds with gusts of up to 103 miles per hour, according to the engineer.

‘Tourists must wear safety clothes certified by the European Union. And in order to provide them with extra protection, we have added tailor-made safety belts on the outside of the clothes,’ Mr Shi said.

Adventurous residents of Chongqing are spoilt for choices when it comes to extreme rides.

The city’s Wansheng Ordovician Theme Park boasts not one, but five enormous swings as well as a glass-bottom walkway 390 feet above the ground.

The park’s latest swing opened last year and was constructed over a 1,000-foot-deep drop.

The swing is attached to a beam as high as 59 feet – the equivalent to a six-storey building.

Every day, up to 4,000 people flock to the park to experience the unique swings, according to a spokesperson.

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