Chimps Watch Cartoons to Stave Off Depression Amid Lockdown

Chimps Watch Cartoons to Stave Off Depression Amid Lockdown

Chimpanzees at a Russian wildlife park are watching cartoons to stave off depression while visitors stay away during the coronavirus lockdown. 

Zookeepers say chimp twins Tikhon and Anfisa became miserable after people suddenly stopped coming to the park eight days ago.

The sociable primates miss the regular visitors to the Royev Ruchey Nature Park in Krasnoyarsk, who have been banned by order of Siberian health officials.

‘After seeing them getting sad we decided to put up a TV set on a wall, and started showing cartoons,’ said park director Andrey Gorban.

The pair have been watching The Lion King, among other animations.

‘Their favourite is a Russian cartoon about an exhausted mother monkey who lives in a zoo,’ park director Gorban said.

‘They are ready to watch it non-stop.’

Tikhon, the male chimpanzee, has been lying on a sofa and snacking on raw vegetables as he enjoys the cartoons.

The two chimps were previously seen playing with snow after seeing it for the first time at their nature park.

Russia has so far registered 2,765 cases of the coronavirus and 24 deaths, according to the health ministry.

Most of the cases are in Moscow, but the contagion has stretched into Siberia where the nature park was shut down on March 25.

The capital has gone into lockdown with residents banned from leaving their homes except in specific circumstances.

Eight southern Russian regions rolled out lockdown measures similar to Moscow on Wednesday.

Vladimir Putin is now working ‘remotely’, the Kremlin says, after a scare when a doctor he met last week was found to be infected.

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