Chef CZN Burak Ensures Fans He is Okay Amid Being Hospitalized

Chef CZN Burak ensured his fans that he is perfectly healthy.

The famous Turkish chef appeared in a new TikTok video while in Qatar.

It’s been two weeks since CZN worried his fans all over the world after undergoing a secret a surgery of removing a malignant tumor in the head.

CZN shared a picture on his social media platforms as he was getting ready to enter the operation rumor, but shortly after, he deleted it, it seems clear that he had lost a whole lot of weight, Burak shared a video to his TikTok account asking his followers and fans to pray for him.

A user on TikTok has shared a video while meeting up with the famous chef, the user asked about the chef’s current health, Burak said in Arabic: ‘Hello everyone, we are currently in Qatar, I am very happy and doing good thank god.”

”I am perfectly fine thank you everyone for everything”. Burak then confirmed that he will soon be opening a restaurant in Qatar, adding that he will be serving all types of food in addition to burgers.

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