Chahine Dies in Al-Hayba Finale Episodes

The last episodes of the fifth and finale season of Al-Hayba has achieved a wide interaction among the followers, specifically after the death of one of the main characters in the drama series “Shaheen Ghazi Sheikh Al-Jabal”, whose role is played by the Lebanese artist Abdo Chahine.

Episode 29 shown on Wednesday has witnessed the murder of Shaheen Sheikh Al-Jabal by ISIS, while protecting his family from a terrorist who tried to blow himself up among his family.

Twitter users interacted with the episode in their own way by publishing an obituary for Shaheen Ghazi, Sheikh Al-Jabal.

Many followers expressed their sadness because of ending Shaheen’s role from the series, as he was widely admired since previous seasons.

Fan pages of Al-Hayba were filled with obituaries, to the point that many believed that the Lebanese actor himself passed away, because his real name was similar to the name of the character he performed.

For his part, the Lebanese actor Abdo Chahine bid farewell to the character he played in Al-Hayba. He wrote: ‘Farewell, Shaheen, you took a lot from me and gave me more… Thank you to everyone who supported.. Thank you to all the audience of Al-Hayba.. Thanks to my big family. The team of direction, production and script-writing of Al-Hayba.’

As for the leading actor of Al-Hayba, Syrian artist Taim Hassan, he published a picture of him behind the scenes of the fifth part of the series accompanied by the Lebanese actor Abdo Chahine, and wrote: “Shaheen.. my years of companionship.”

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