Cat Replaces Kate Winslet’s Rose in The Titanic!

Titanic may be one of the most romantic films of all time, but a hilarious parody released online for Valentine’s Day this year has conquered hearts across the web – especially cat lovers. 

In this spoof of the James Cameron movie, actress Kate Winslet, who played Rose,  has been replaced – with a cat.

Lizzy, also known as famous YouTube cat OwlKitty, steps in to play Rose for all of her famous scenes with Leonardo DiCaprio.

The long-haired, black cat is hoisted high in the air by DiCaprio for the famous scene at the bow of the doomed boat, which sank in April 1912 killing 1,517 people.


In another doctored scene from the 1998 megahit movie, DiCaprio swings the cat around, for the famous dancing scene originally played with Winslet.

The cat also gives DiCaprio seductive looks when they meet at the clock and again when he paints her ‘like of his French girls,’ shortly before his character seduced Winslet’s in a car held in the ship’s loading bay.

The convincingly-doctored video was posted on the YouTube channel created by Thibault Charroppin and Olivia Boone just in time for Valentine’s Day.

But this isn’t the cat’s first parody.

The YouTubers have cast Lizzy in several parodies as the protagonist alongside Hollywood’s biggest stars in movies including The Avengers, Jurassic Park, Pulp Fiction, Jaws and The Shining.

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