Castro’s Grandson Sparks Fury After Enjoying a Ride in a Mercedes in Cuba

Fidel Castro’s grandson has sparked fury after a video surfaced of him boasting about speeding in his luxury Mercedes in Cuba.

Sandro Castro, a nightclub owner, was seen in a video speeding along a deserted Cuban motorway as the country faces its worst economic crisis since the 1990s amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

While being filmed by a young female companion, Castro sarcastically tells her ‘you know were are simple people, but occasionally we have to take out the little toys we keep at home,’ The Times reported. 

He then encourages her to record the car’s speedometer, which shows the car is travelling close to 90 mph, bragging that the Mercedes ‘eats up’ the highway.

In Cuba, there is a 100 km/h speed limit (62 mph) on motorways due to poor road conditions.

Sandro Castro – who is said to be in his early twenties – faced criticism for posting the video from some traditional supporters of the revolution, who accused him of gross hypocrisy.

The Facebook group Patria o Muerte — Fatherland or Death – called for an investigation into how Castro was making his money, and that he should be jailed if any illegal activity is discovered.

Sandro Castro reportedly has a reputation as being the most ostentatious of the former communist dictator’s grandchildren.

While Fidel Castro did have some luxurious tastes, such as wearing a Rolex is his younger years and spending time on a private island off southern Cuba – he was also careful to convey an image of austerity and egalitarianism to his followers.

As a result, ostentatious displays of wealth were banned among his family members.

In 2020, Cuba faced its worst economic downturn since the early 1990s – subsidies from the collapsed Soviet Union disappeared – with GDP shrinking by 11 per cent.

The drop has been blamed on tourism becoming virtually non-existent due to the coronavirus pandemic, which has put a stop to most global travel.

As of March 1, Cuba has record 50,590 cases of the coronavirus, and 324 confirmed deaths related to the virus.

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