Carer Attempts to Poison 88-year-old Italian Man With Antifreeze

Carer Attempts to Poison 88-year-old Italian Man With Antifreeze

A carer tried to poison a pensioner with antifreeze so she could inherit his house after tricking him into naming her in his will.

The police put a 46-year-old Peruvian citizen under a precautionary house arrest under suspicion of attempted murder.

The woman, according to the indictment, attempted to kill the 88-year-old man she works for by making him drink car liquid in Sant’Antonino di Susa, Turin.

An investigation was launched after the man was hospitalized having consumed engine antifreeze.

The liquid was mistaken for a drink inside a bottle, according to Huffpost.

The carer had accompanied the man to the hospital in June 2019, where he remained in a serious condition for a long period of time.

The investigation by the Compagnia di Susa police found it was very likely the carer had tricked the man into drinking the fluid.

She had been having problems with money and had thought that by killing the pensioner it would resolve them.

In 2016 the carer had taken the elderly man to notary and persuaded him to give her the ownership of her home.

The man had not understood what had happened, and the carer feared she would lose the home when a  support administrator challenged her on the situation.

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