Cardi B Showcases Her New Huge Back Tattoo

Cardi B Showcases Her New Huge Back Tattoo

Rapper and actress CArdi B shared on Instagram this weekend a photo of a colorful new tattoo that goes from the base of her neck, down her back to her buttocks and thigh.

The 27-year-old star is seen squatting in a green bikini, so the floral- and butterfly-themed body art may be viewed in full.

Her hair is straight and different shades of blue. She is holding a cobalt blue purse and wearing multi-hued, high-heeled shoes.

“She looks so good. the tat is fire,” she captioned the image.

The tattoo took artist Jamie Schene more than 60 hours over the course of several months to complete.

Cardi B is a Grammy winner and judge on the Netflix hip-hop competition series, Rhythm + Flow. Her film credits include Hustlers and F9.

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