Cardi B denies She is Homophobic or Transphobic

Cardi B denies She is Homophobic or Transphobic

Cardi B denied she’s homophobic or transphobic in a series of tweets after a Twitter user claimed she was.

The user was responding to a post from a Cardi B fan account referencing a mention of the singer made on the Hulu’s Love, Victor, which is about a gay teenager.

The initial tweet read, ‘Cardi is mentioned in Hulu’s new series Love, Victor E04; in a scene discussing how the mother was ejected from a basketball game for excessive d

The Twitter user wrote in reaction to the post: ‘thats crazy, considering the woman is homophobic and transphobic.’

The Grammy-winning artist, 27, launched a series of tweets defending herself, referring to her upbringing and how her views have evolved with maturity.

‘How the fuvk am i homophobic or transphobic?’ said the singer, whose full name is Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar.

She continued: ‘Have you been to a [Caribbean] island where you really see homophobia! Have you dealt with a parent that can’t accept you for your sexuality?’





ancing: “Not everyone enjoys watching you twerk like a geriatric Cardi B.”‘

She acknowledged past statements she regret, saying, ‘I said some ignorant things b4 that apologized for & educated myself on it don’t mean I’m’ homophobic.

The singer has past dealt with homophobia controversies, including a transphobic meme she said a former staffer put on her Facebook page.

‘It’s come to my attention there have been offensive posts made on what used to be my Facebook page,’ she tweeted at the time. ‘For the past year and a half a FORMER team member has been the only one with access to the account.’

Earlier that year, her husband Offset apologized over a homophobic lyric in the song Boss Life he did with rapper YFN Lucci.

The I Like It performer – who resides in Georgia with husband Offset, 28, and daughter Kulture, one – said her critics were overlooking her support for the LGBTQ community.

‘Ya keep using that same 1 video that I apologize for over & over again to call me homophobic & transphobic 1 but never post about the ones where I support the LGBT community which are multiples and the multiple tweets I posted in support,’ she said.

The superstar recording artist pointed to personal experiences involving relatives in justifying her position on the issue.

‘And I don’t support the LGBT community because I have “gay fans” I support because of the confused feelings I had growing up on is it normal to like girls? I support because I know how hard it was for my gay cousin to come out to his very strict Dominican family.

‘I support because I know the pain my cousin from my mom side which is a Tran have a f***ed up relationship with her dad for years! … [and] my sister … coming out to my mom & dad religious people as gay.’

The Bodak Yellow artist noted that she’s supported members of her camp throughout their transitions: ‘I support because I seen the transitions & the feelings my glam team having during their time with they body transition.’

Cardi wrapped up in writing, ‘So before ya make it cool to call me homophobic & transphobic learn what those words mean and research my encouragement to the LGBT community b4 ya motherf***ers even knew who was CardiN.’

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