Can’t be More Cute: The Cat on The Treadmill

Can't be More Cute: The Cat on The Treadmill

Most cats seem to have enjoyed lazing about the house during the lockdown period with little change to their day-to-day lives.

But one cat from Turkey enough was enough, as he tried to get some indoor exercise by using his owner’s new treadmill.

One-year-old Indy the cat was filmed discovering how to use the running trainer in a hilarious video released last week.

He tried to walk along the running machine with little success, while his owner laughed away in the background.

Indy first notices the new treadmill as he comes down the stairs with wide eyes and he gives the machine a thorough look-over, crawling underneath it.

He then tries to start using it as the belt begins to roll, approaching from the side and trying to walk with just his front two legs at first.

The cat looks to have got the hang of walking with all four legs before he stops and rolls off the machine, while his owner laughs.

Indy finally learns how to walk on the machine after his owner attaches a strip of paper holding a ping pong ball at the end of the machine for him to chase.

YouTuber Walter Santi, who also owns Walter the dog, seven, and Santi the cat, eight, said: ‘This is the funny reaction of my cat Indy to a treadmill.

‘He was a little scared at first but then he quickly learned how to walk on it.’

Indy and Santi live inside while Walter lives in her garden and her father also owns nine outdoor cats in Turkey.

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