Canadian Athlete Hits a Guinness World Record for Lifting 13,000 Pounds in One Hour

A Canadian athlete from Manitoba has broken a Guinness World Record when he lifted a total of nearly 13,000 pounds for over one hour while doing Turkish get-ups.

Nolan De Leon of Winnipeg used a 70-pound kettlebell to do Turkish get-ups for one hour at Fukumoto Fitness.

De Leon completed 184 of the exercises, which involve starting on the ground, pushing up to a kneeling position and then standing while holding a kettlebell over the head.

“After the halfway point, I was kind of writing a speech in my head already saying, ‘Sorry, I can’t. I can’t keep doing this.’ I was really about to give up,” De Leon told CBC News.

De Leon pushed on and was able to beat the record of 10,732.5 pounds, which was set by fellow Canadian Chris Cox in May of this year.

De Leon said his now working to have his accomplishment recognized by Guinness World Records.

“I have a Guinness application, and once all of that stuff is in and they take a look, they will hopefully approve it,” De Leon said.

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