Can Yaman Talks About Having Sex With Demet Ozdemir Behind the Scenes!

Can Yaman Talks About Having Sex With Demet Ozdemir Behind the Scenes!

In a previous interview, Turkish actor Can Yaman said that he feels a great sexual desire when he stood next to former colleague and friend Demet Ozdemir, who starred together in the series Early Bird.

Can said: “Any pair only succeeds when viewers wonder if they have sex behind the scenes or at their home”.

He added: “Any two actors must be chosen according to their sexual desire towards each other, otherwise any work that unites them will fail.”

From her side, Demet Ozdemir responded to Can’s statements saying: “I think his tongue had betrayed him as usual. He did not mean what he said, he was talking about chemistry between us that all viewers noticed, and I do not know how he changed the term to become a sexual desire”.

She continued: “Sex is another thing and has nothing to do with the extent of compatibility and harmony between actors, when someone, for example, plays a role of my father and I play the role of his daughter and we make viewers believe us, does that mean that there is a sexual desire between us or a clear harmony that convinced them?”.

Demet concluded: “We were compatible, and Can was a good actor, but there was no emotional relationship between us, he is like my brother and no desire can ignite between the siblings!”.

Ozdemir responses triggered Yaman to reply to them again, as he said: “She was never my sister during filming Early Bird series, but she became so after finishing filming”.

He added: “Demet is perhaps feels shy to admit that I sexually aroused her and moved her emotions, and I respect her unwillingness to talk about it, but all I said had happened and I did not lie”.

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