Can Yaman Reveals Details From His Private Life

Can Yaman never cease to amaze his fans. After releasing his first perfume last summer, he decided it was time to write an autobiography.

These days, his first book in Italian, entitled ‘Sembra strano anche a me’, was published, in which he reveals details from his private life. At the first signing of the book, there was a flurry of fans, so we have no doubt that his debut would not have been a big hit.

This time, fans of Can Yaman will also meet in the role of a writer. The star presented his autobiography, which was originally written in Italian and is entitled Sembra strano anche a me, which means “It seems strange to me too”.

The popular Turkish star began his acting career in 2014, and an international success came in 2018 with the role of Can Divit, a well-known photographer and owner of an advertising agency who falls in love with Sanem Aydin, in the TV series Morning Bird (Erkenci Kuş).

With this role, many doors have opened for him, and for the last two years, he has been building his career in Italy, where he has been warmly received by all and there is no shortage of job offers.

After a media break-up with Italian journalist Diletta LeottaCan Yaman is once again in the spotlight with the release of his first book, in which he talks about the intimate details of his life. The star announced his new book with the words: “For the first time, I decided to tell you about myself. All the way, without filters. I want to tell you my truth.” By doing so, he aroused the interest of his audience.

About the book ‘Sembra strano anche a me’, which is advertised as an “intimate and private autobiography“, the publisher said that readers will find out who he really is: “What is behind his charming eyes and his impeccable talent? Can for the first time, he decides to reveal himself in an intimate and private autobiography. In the book, he touches on his childhood and turbulent youthful days and tells everything that happened before he became famous.” 

“His connection to family and economic hardships, his years of study and his relationship with women: a story that is not afraid to reveal the bright and dark days of extraordinary and complex life at the same time. they further revealed the details of the new autobiography.”

The star has already arranged for the most ardent fans to sign the book in one of the bookstores in Rome. When buying the book, he gave each customer an autograph and took a photo with him. The star thanked them for their unlimited support on social media, where he posted a video of the signing and wrote: “I am looking forward to the same kindness in our continued socializing. So grateful for your participation. Love begets love.”

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