Can Yaman Replaces Fiancée Diletta Leotta With Özge Gürel

Özge Gürel could embark on a new project with Can Yaman; The actress could sponsor the Turkish actor’s perfume.

The star of Day Dreamer in fact started sponsoring a perfume, in collaboration with a well-known fashion brand.

Last night, Cristian Alaimo, during a live broadcast with paparazzo Paolone, revealed the name of the female face who will advertise the fragrance.

According to the fortune teller of Ciao Darwin, the ambassador of the promotional campaign will be Özge Gürel.

Özge Gürel female face to sponsor the Can Yaman perfume

Can Yaman is on a new job challenge and, this time, it’s not about an acting career. The future Sandokan, in fact, is the face of a commercial campaign for a new perfume that will soon be on the market.

As anticipated through the social media of Mr. Wrong star, “Mania” will be available in the next few days, a fragrance defined by the Istanbul actor as the “essence of passion”.

The female face for the promotional campaign will not be his girlfriend Diletta Leotta but, at the moment, it would seem to be one of his partners who have already worked with him on the set, namely Özge Gürel.

Cristian Alaimo, live with paparazzo Paolone, mentioned the name of the Turkish actress, providing further details.

Cristian Alaimo revealed who will be the female face who will sponsor the perfume that Can Yaman is also advertising, declaring: ”I’ll tell you the surname: Gürel, does Gürel tell you anything? Gürel Özge Gürel”. Paparazzo Paolone commented on the Turkish actress’s name, stating that many people imagined she might be the star of Mr. Wrong to represent the fragrance.

Can Yaman’s perfume could be sponsored by Özge Gürel

Cristian also revealed further news on what will happen, declaring: “They also tell me the actual merchandising is already on the way: hats, sweaters, clothing, signed by Can Yaman. So they will start with the scent and continue because it will be fine.”

All that remains is to wait for further updates, to see if Can and colleague Özge Gürel will find themselves working together again.


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