Can Yaman Is Dating This New Mysterious Lady ‘Maria’

New rumors about the girl who made Can Yaman lose his mind, after the end of his relationship with Diletta Leotta.

Archived the relationship with Diletta Leotta, putting an end to ​​controversy and gossip, Can Yaman threw himself headlong into work, busy on the set of Viola Come Il Mare (Purple Like The Sea).

It seems, however, that in the heart of the golden bachelor of the moment, there is room for a girl. Who the new flame of Can would be?

Can Yaman In love Again?

Can Yaman is the man of the moment, adored by millions of fans, sought after on sets and new fictions and also an entrepreneur in the men care world, thanks to the launch of his new fragrance “Mania”.

The Turkish actor is busy on the set of Viola Come Il Mare, where he will play for the first time in Italian alongside Francesca Chillemi. Most of the show’s scenes were filmed in Palermo.

Meanwhile, the actor’s private life remains a sore point after the end of their relationship with Diletta Leotta, who told Verissimo what happened between her and Can.

However, in the last few hours,  an indiscretion has been circulating on the alleged new flame of Yaman’s, reported by the gossip experts Alessandro Rosica and Biagio D’Anelli, who reported that Can is quite seeing a new lady named ‘Maria‘, a breathtaking twenty-nine-year-old, originally from Campania, with silky black hair.

We unbalance a little more and we tell you that Can is not currently engaged, fixed as an official boyfriend for no one“, the two said, making it clear that Can is not currently engaged, but simply interested in getting to know her better, the mysterious Maria.

Needless to say, among the fiercest fans started a strenuous search: everyone wants to know who made inroads into the actor’s heart.

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