Can Yaman: Demet Özdemir Is Not My Dream Girl.. and She Responds “What a Cocky”!

Can Yaman: Demet Özdemir Is Not My Dream Girl.. and She Responds "What a Cocky"!

Turkish actress Demet Özdemir revealed that she did not agree with her fellow actor Can Yaman’s tempers, so they separated and remained friends, who respected each other.

Can opposed to Demet’s statements and said that he’d never thought of her as a girlfriend, contradicting himself.

Can said: “I never thought of Demet Özdemir as a woman I could love, she was a friend and will remain a friend, I exaggerated when I described her, she might have liked me in that way but I didn’t. I mean that specifically in that sense, as she is a wonderful human being.”

He continued: “Demet is beautiful inside out, but she does not have the characteristics of the girl of my dreams.”

Yaman added: “I understand that many women fall in love with me, but this is not my fault and it should not be my fault, if I am not the one who starts it.”

Can Yaman contradicted himself; because he had revealed a few weeks ago that he felt a sexual desire towards Demet, while filming their series The Early Bird.

In return, Demet Özdemir responded indirectly to Can’s statements, saying: “Faun is a quality of some people, who insist on denying the facts every time when facing people”.

“I do not believe the vanity accent with which people speak, sometimes I understand and sometimes I wonder; do they have chronic psychological problems?”

“I do not ask anyone to love me, but to be true to himself before others”.

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