Can Yaman Apologizes to Arabs

Can Yaman Apologizes to Arabs

Turkish actor Can Yaman apologized to his Arab fans after he attacked Arabic drama, describing it as poor and ridiculous, and cannot be compared to Turkish series.

Yaman added that he did not intend to offend loyal Arab audience, who love Turkish drama, but rather those offers he’d received from Arab producers and did not like describing them as”ridiculous” and without content.

The Turkish artist wondered, in press statements: “What does it mean to give me tens of thousands of dollars for poor advertisements, series, or movies without a goal or a message? My dear Arabs, do you accept producers like them to represent you?”

He ended his speech: “I apologize to those who thought I insulted them, always falling into the trap of other people’s misunderstanding of what I say.”

Star of Early Bird said in a previous statement: “Their projects (he means Arab producers) are not up to the standard of our projects, so I will not participate in any Arab series or advertisement.”

He also explained; “I don’t think they have the same dramatic culture as we do.”

Can said: “They think we are a cheap commodity, so they offer us trivial offers such as participating in cheap advertisements or launching a restaurant or being a guest at a dinner with women … We are actors, we are not a merchandise that you control as you wish.”

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