Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta Marriage Was Certain

Diletta Leotta and that great love story that marked the summer of 2021 and probably her life; She wanted to tell her part of the story and she did it without restraint.

Young, beautiful, and in love. Diletta Leotta and Can Yaman were the couple who marked the summer of 2021. Their photos, which portrayed them in wonderful locations, have occupied the front pages of the world’s top magazines. However, what appeared daily on the specialized sites is now considered the history of their relationship.

They shared with their global fans their every movement, also accompanying them with their mood swings, ‘now very happy’, ‘now only happy’, and then, gradually, more and more distant. We heard about visits to parents, in Sicily to meet hers and then in Turkey to return the courtesy and get to know his parents.

Il matrimonio di Can Yaman e Diletta Leotta era certo

And then again the engagement ring and the marriage proposal. All in a few weeks, as if there was an established deadline within which they could not pass.

The summer was almost over and the professional commitments of each one pressed insistently, prompting more contradictory separation rumors going viral in the media and social media.

The time comes, however, for the protagonist of the story to speak up. And so Diletta Leotta decided to do it in front of Verissimo’s cameras, answering Silvia Toffanin’s questions about this whirlwind love. What did the sports presenter say?

Diletta Leotta and the Irrepressible Passion

Diletta Leotta does not like to talk about her private life, but she had to do it through Verissimo to clear out how things really went.

Her first words immediately revealed the truth behind the relationship. When she defined her story with Can Yaman as a dream, a fairytale lived by “two 30-year-olds” who deeply fell in love, and they lived this “huge passion” as all young people live great passions intensely, and it was all very nice.

Can Yaman ve Diletta Leotta'nın Evliliği Belli Oldu

‘When you happen to fall in love with such a famous and well-known man, you have to consider many other things,’ continued Leotta.

Both are famous people, followed and loved. The biggest difficulty in these cases, says the presenter, is to separate the person from the character.

Fake Love Claims

And the gossips which kept saying it was a false story: “A false story? How do you think such a thing?”. The presenter confesses that she was truly in love.

The Marriage Proposal?

‘Wedding? It was all true, there was the proposal after only a month that we knew each other’. perhaps their problem was precisely having gone a little too fast.
Can Yaman ve Diletta Leotta'nın düğünü Matrimonio di

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