Can a Unicorn Costume Protect You From The Virus?

Can a Unicorn Costume Protect You From The Virus?

Shoppers in New Zealand have gone to extreme lengths to avoid being infected with coronavirus. 

One customer donned a full unicorn costume while shopping at a discount grocery store.

The bizarrely-clad shopper was seen stocking up on essentials at a Pak’nSave store in Gisborne on the island’s east coast.

Another shopper wearing a face mask used what appeared to be three pool noodles taped together to keep her distance from others around her.

She also kept her sense of humour by wearing an umbrella-shaped hat on her head and a plastic cover in front of her face as she browsed the supermarket aisles.

As New Zealand’s coronavirus infection tally jumped to 589 on Monday despite Prime Minister issuing a level four lockdown, the most extreme measure available.

Supermarkets, clinics and pharmacies are they only shops exempt from the widespread closures.

Schools, universities and non-essential businesses – including restaurants and hairdressers – have been ordered shut, and their workers sent home.

But people using those services have been told to avoid touching others and only make physical contact with people they live with.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has said people must be vigilant with lockdown measures enforced on the country to prevent any further spread of the disease.

‘Even with the measures we now have in place, we will continue to see more people get sick, because of the time it takes to get unwell,’ Ms Ardern said.

‘Today’s death is the reminder of the fight that we have on our hands.

‘Stay at home, break the chain, and save lives.’

Ms Ardern ordered all Kiwis into an enforced lockdown from Thursday for at least four weeks as the government aims to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

A woman in her 70s died from COVID-19 on the south island’s west coast after being initially misdiagnosed with the flu, health officials announced on Sunday.

The patient was treated by 21 hospital staff who weren’t wearing adequate protective clothing to treat a coronavirus patient, who were all put into self-isolation.

Chief Executive of the New Zealand Ministry of Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield said the woman was not immediately treated as a coronavirus patient as she was well known to hospital staff due to her health conditions.

Dr Bloomfield did not say how the woman contracted the disease, but said there was a link to overseas travel.

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