Burak Özçivit removes Kevin Spacey photo and responds

Burak Özçivit was criticized for meeting with Kevin Spacey; in response, he expressed outrage at the criticism that followed him and emphasized that he only learnt about the situation and its specifics later.

When Burak Özçivit learnt about the delicate and tragic subject later, he was “truly saddened,” and he did what needed to be done right away. Burak Özçivit removed the photo he had with Kevin and posted a statement on Instagram in which he conveyed his opinion of all he had heard.

“I would like to highlight that I am against this subject, therefore do not be so disgusting as to exploit such delicate topics,” he continued, expressing his rejection of the subject.

Burak Özçivit

One of the individuals who accused Burak Özçivit following his encounter with actor Kevin Spacey was Tuba Unsal, who stated in a narrative she posted on Instagram, “You ally yourself for financial advantage with an actor facing harassment charges that the entire world opposes! It’s unfortunate that I work in the same field as you.”

Burak Özçivit had visited Qatar a few days ago and uploaded numerous images from regions he visited and individuals he met, and he shared several photos from their encounter with each other via Instagram but deleted the one in which Kevin was following the campaign that he was exposed to.

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