Burak Deniz Topless With Another Man as He Plays a Gay Role in The Ignorant Fairies Reboot (Pictures)

World-famous director Ferzan Özpetek has completed filming scenes in Italy of the series Le Fate Ignoranti (The Ignorant Fairies), which he adapted from the 2001 blockbuster movie “Ignorant Periler”.

After shooting the last scene in Rome, the team has cut a cake and celebrated the hard work.

Özpetek didn’t waste any time and immediately travelled to Turkey, to continue shooting the rest of episodes of the mini series in Istanbul.

On Instagram, the Turkish director shared behind-the-scenes picture of the two stars taking part in the show, Turkish actor Burak Deniz and Italian actress Cristiana Capotondi.

In another post, Ferzan Özpetek shared a video while he was dining with actors Serra Yilmaz and Cristiana Capotondi at Corno d’oro a Duble.

Italian actors Luca Argentero and Cristiana Capotondi are taking the lead roles in the 8-episode series to be broadcast on Disney +.

In the series, a woman named Antonia learns that her deceased husband Massimo was actually gay and having an affair with a man named Michele.

Ferzan Özpetek made a reboot of his award-winning film ‘Ignorant Periler’, starring Serra Yılmaz, 20 years later.

Burak Deniz topless gay üstsüz eşcinsel

Before casting Burak Deniz, eyes were laid on Turkish actor Can Yaman to play the gay role.

Later, Burak Deniz was casted for the role and not Can Yaman.

According to a group of social media users, Can Yaman refused to participate in The Ignorant Fairies in the capacity of playing the role of a gay man, while another group of commentators suggested that because Can Yaman is busy filming Sandokan, he didn’t have the time to participate in The Ignorant Fairies reboot.

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