Bull Attacks Three Workers While Trying to Escape UAE Farm

Bull Attacks Three Workers While Trying to Escape UAE Farm

A raging bull that had fled from the farm of an Emirati in Al Ain attacked and injured three workers who tried to control it.

After escaping from the farm, the bull had stayed in the residential neighbourhood for days, which caused panic among residents.

Three workers tried to catch the bull so they could take it away from the compound of a resident where it had stayed for two days, in order to return it to its owner. The unruly animal, however, knocked them down causing to them minor to moderate injuries. The men were taken to hospital for treatment.

An official, a veterinarian at the animal health center at the zoo in Al Ain, said the authorities in Al Ain had been notified about the unruly bull that had caused chaos in the home of one of the residents.

“Given the big size of the bull and the way it acted caused panic among residents, especially pedestrians, and people in the home of a citizen where it had fled to,” said the official.

“Three workers tried to control the situation by attempting to catch the bull but they failed and it just attacked them instead.”

The official said that after receiving information about the raging animal, they cooperated with another veterinarian firm and arranged a safe anesthesia equipment that was provided by the institution to contain the situation.

“We then went to the citizen’s home and used skills and professionalism to calm down and control the bull using the sophisticated anesthesia devices,” said the veterinarian, adding that the bull was taken back to its farm owner once it was caught.

“We also provided the necessary treatment to the bull as it was injured during his agitation,” he added.

The official has advised animal and farm owners to install strong fences at the farms for the safety and security of both the animals and residents.

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