BTS Fans Want Their Top Band to Perform in The UAE But How?

BTS fans in the UAE, who go by the name “BTS UAE Army,” are set to launch an art exhibition that pays tribute to the South Korean boy-band with the hopes of garnering enough attention to encourage the group to perform in the country.

Titled “BTS Meets Street Arts in the UAE,” the moving monument exhibition will be on display in different locations across the country starting March 25.

According to a released statement, BTS UAE administrator Elareese Ramos said: “We intend to bring BTS to perform in the Middle East. We want them to notice that they are very much loved in the UAE as much as they are loved in America, Europe, Japan and other parts of the world.”

This will be the first time a Korean music artist will have a moving exhibition in the whole region. This is our chance to get united with the name of ARMY of the Middle East,” added Ramos.

The fans are also gathering local artist to create art pieces inspired by the seven-member group.

BTS UAE Army has collaborated with Springs 15, a test-bed platform for individuals and small businesses seeking support to turn their creative ideas into reality, to launch this project.

BTS last performed in the UAE in 2016 as part of KCon Abu Dhabi and after their “Love Yourself: Speak Yourself” world tour brought them to Saudi Arabia in 2019, the supporters in the UAE have high hopes that they will be back to perform in the region.

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