Brits Are Told to Get Fit or Get Ill!

Brits Are Told to Get Fit or Get Ill!

Britons have been told to get fit or get ill after new figures showed how coronavirus is more fatal for the obese and unhealthy.

New data shows how as many as 10 per cent of Britons, up to seven million people, will be infected by the end of May.

Research by Professor Neil Ferguson from Imperial College found that this rate of infection will continue even during lockdown.

Ferguson, one of the government’s leading advisers on epidemiology, told The Sunday Times how best to prepare for the infection.

He said: ‘It is always better to stay fit and healthy.

‘We need to assess our risks from a personal perspective, including getting fit and losing weight.’

Statistics from the NHS show that 38 per cent of people who have been admitted to intensive care for coronavirus are obese, and 55 per cent of those patients die.

For obese people aged over 60, the death rate is even higher.

Fredrik Karpe, professor of metabolic medicine at Oxford University, said: ‘If you have a big belly, then when you lie down the weight of it pushes your diaphragm upwards, reducing lung volume. This virus is all about lung function.’

He warned everyone could be infected and getting fit is the best way to prepare.

He advised walking is the best way to start, as well as going on a diet, and within two weeks your lungs will have an improved capacity.

It comes as Britain is braced for the grim 10,000-death milestone on Easter Sunday.

Yesterday, an 11-year-old was among a further 917 patients who have died in the UK after testing positive for coronavirus, bringing the total fatalities to 9,875.

Police have told Britons to remain indoors on a warm Easter bank holiday weekend, but were forced to have words with some flouting social distancing rules in the nation’s parks.

The police have been warned not to abuse their new beefed-up powers by Home Secretary Priti Patel, who gave the Downing Street press briefing yesterday afternoon.

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