Britney Spears Twirls in Her Sports Bra and Lip Syncs to George Michael.. Video

Britney Spears Twirls in Her Sports Bra and Lip Syncs to George Michael.. Video

She’s been active on her social media during quarantine, post dance videos and bemoaning the fact she’s ‘that bored.’

And Britney Spears gave fans two new back-to-back updates on Monday, in which the performer is seen dancing up a storm in two differently colored sports bras.

Spears, 38, first uploaded a sped-up snippet in a neon green top and black Nike shorts combo, in which she demonstrates some dance moves which she says she’s ‘not really sure if this is hip hop, ballet or what have you …. I guess this is my own version.’

The clip shows the Slave 4 U hitmaker dancing and spinning and waving her arms, as she sports a black choker around her neck.

In the caption, Britney said ‘I haven’t left the house in a while so I’m pretty bored!

‘I have been dancing a lot,’ she continued a bit later, saying that she is doing so ‘still with a little precaution as my foot continues to heal,’ referencing her very public accident when she broke her foot while filming a similar dancing video earlier this year.

‘I like to dance,’ Spears wrote, adding later ‘dance is one of the most sacred languages of the body!!!!! It’s so beautiful.’

And about 15 minutes later, the Hit Me Baby One More Time songbird uploaded another video, this time in a bright pink sports bra and blue-ish short shorts that resembled Daisy Dukes.

The second clip was even more fun, after Britney took the opportunity to turn her palatial living room into a stage of sorts, as she let loose and ‘performed’ to tunes by the legendary George Micheal, lip syncing the lyrics into the remote control she was holding.

‘Yes folks you end up doing karaoke by yourself when you’re that bored …. singing to George Michael!’ the performer and mother-of-two captioned that clip.

‘It’s what you do after watching Ghost for the fifth time while eating a creamsicle on the couch,’ she continued, then adding ‘it’s called just being yourself and that’s really all we can be!’

Britney was clearly enjoying the moment, strutting and writhing to the classics Faith and Freedom ’90.

‘Play on, drive safe, wash your hands, wear your mask,’ the Toxic songstress wrote in closing next to the scintillating snippet. ‘and take care of your body,’ she added with a string of emojis, along with ‘PS oh and don’t forget to have fun’.

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