Britney Spears Refuses to Talk to Her Mother

Even though Lynn has travelled all the way from Louisianna to California to meet up with her daughter and make things right, Brtiney is insisting on not giving her a chance.

Page six revealed that things are so bad between Britney Spears and her mother, that Britney did not even allow her into her home shortly before the end of her conservatorship period last Friday, and the statements stated that the dispute between them stems from Britney blaming her mother for ” Her life was destroyed by this guardianship, which had controlled her personal affairs and property for nearly 14 years.

And according to the latest reports: “A few weeks before the end of the guardianship period, Lynn traveled to Los Angeles to try to restore relations with Britney, but she did not allow her to Even by entering her house, because she is angry with her.”

The reports also added that Britney Spears’ mother tried over a number of days to visit her, but Britney never allowed it, accusing her of being the mastermind of that guardianship.

She then deleted it: “My father Jimmy Spears may have started guardianship 13 years ago, but what people don’t know is that it was my mother who gave him the idea. The court earlier this month requested more than $650,000 in legal fees from the guardianship case.

The long-term guardianship of Britney Spears ended in a pleading in Los Angeles Superior Court on Friday afternoon, November 12, where the court accepted the request of Britney Spears’ defense that there was no need for continued guardianship, stating that it was an unfair case against her.

“Conservation of the person and property of Britney Jean Spears is no longer required,” which means that Britney Spears is now free to control her finances and make her own decisions for the first time since 2008.

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