‘Britney Spears Behaves Inappropriately’! Celebrity Events Designer Adam Afara Gives Shocking Revelations

The Insider Arabia has met with celebrity events designer Adam Afara to talk about his Hollywood clients and share how he got there.

The host asked Adam who was the first star he’s ever worked with. Adam said that it was Haifa Wehbe back in 2015 when she filmed Breathing You In in Los Angeles.

Afara took care of the flowers on set of Haifa’s video, then later, he expanded his work to styling in music videos until he was offered the opportunity of his life.

Adam Afara was offered by Lady Gaga to work on her music video G.U.Y.

Afara described Lady Gaga as being very professional, to the point that she picked flowers names in the clip herself, adding that she’s into details, which is something that made his work easier to give her exactly what she wants.

Adam Afara’s cooperation with Lady Gaga gave his career a boost to become one of the prominent names in events design internationally.

The Insider Arabia host then asked Adam Afara to sort the celebrities he’s already worked with according to difficulty, easiness and unexpected to work with.

Lady Gaga was the most difficult celebrity according to Adam, however Beyonce was easy going, she only briefed him of the concept of her music video, and when he showed her samples of flowers, she only had one comment, which is to add more blue roses.

The unexpected collaboration for Adam Afara was with Britney Spears.

Not only that, but he added that she behaves inappropriately, and she was not acting like a star, stressing that if there’s ever an opportunity to work with her in the future, he will reject it.

The celebrity events designer revealed that he will be collaborating with 5 Seconds of Summer this month or in April, he also has a surprise for this project, as he added a famous Khaliji painter to his crew to add his touches to their music video.

At the end of the interview, Adam also revealed that he’s currently working on a secret major project that will nominate him to be on Guinness.

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