Breathtaking Museum of the Future to Open Soon

The Dubai Ruler has used his 16th Accession Day anniversary to launch a project that will search for 1,000 Arab pioneers in different fields.

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, said the Museum of the Future would serve as the hub for these geniuses. The museum would open soon, he tweeted on Tuesday.

“Recently, we built an international scientific landmark – the Museum of the Future. This will serve as the intellectual and administrative centre for this new Arab movement. Personally, I believe science, scholars and people of ideas can bring about a change for the better,” said Sheikh Mohammed.

The Dh100 million project would search for 1,000 pioneers in the fields of physics, mathematics, programming sciences, research and economics, among others, over the next five years.

“They will receive support and be connected with global intellectuals, researchers and companies to help develop their ideas and further hone their talents,” Sheikh Mohammed added.

“Civilisations prosper with the search for its true makers. The nation that appreciates its scholars, geniuses and thinkers, and enables them to play their role, is on the right path.”

Today marks the 16th year since Sheikh Mohammed took over as the Dubai Ruler.

Instead of hosting lavish celebrations or receptions, he uses the occasion to launch something meaningful. Over the years, he has dedicated the day to pay homage to workers, mothers and the UAE Armed Forces, among others.

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