Breaking: Emma Watson to Star Alongside Aras Bulut İynemli?

Turkish news websites have revealed that ‘Harry Potter’ star Emma Watson has received an offer to star alongside Aras Bulut İynemli in a new series titled ‘Atatürk’.

And according to detailed sources, it is claimed that the series is supposed to consist of only six episodes and will be aired on Disney+.

Emma Watson joining the series was not the only surprise to the world, as German composer and Oscar winner Hance Zimmer is set to supervise the soundtrack for the series.

This project will be the first time Watson will participate in Turkish works, and he participation comes after successful Turkish series have been translated in many languages and aired worldwide.

İynemli is best known for acting in a series titled ‘The Plot’, in addition to starring in ‘Cell No. 7’ which was very successful.

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