BREAKING: Egyptian Veteran Mahmoud Yassine Dies Aged 79

BREAKING: Egyptian Veteran Mahmoud Yassine Dies Aged 79

Egyptian actor Mahmoud Yassine died a few hours ago, at the age of 79, after a long struggle with illness.

Mahmoud Yassine’s son, Amr, announced the news through a post he shared on Facebook.

He wrote: “The great artist Mahmoud Yassin died at the mercy of God Almighty” adding a verse from Quran which meant: “We belong to Allah and to Him we shall return.”

Mahmoud Yassin was born in 1941 in Port Said located north of Cairo, graduated from the Faculty of Law at Cairo University in 1964 and joined the National Theater in 1963.

Mahmoud Yassine has more than 150 films in his art record, during which he won the title “The First Boy of Screen.” As for his most important films performed at an older age, “Al-Jazeera” with Ahmed El-Sakka.

The Egyptian veteran has been married to the famous Egyptian actress “Shahira” and had two children with her, Amr and Rania.

Yassine had Alzheimer’s since 2012, and despite the denial of those close to him during the last period, they were forced to recently announce his illness and that there is no treatment for him after several episodes.

Among them is the termination of his partnership contract in the series “Sahib El-Saada,” which he was going to star in next to Adel Imam, and it was said at the time that he was unable to memorize the text due to his illness.

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