Breaking: Court Orders Shakira to Stand Trial

A Spanish court has ordered Colombian music superstar Shakira to stand trial in a tax fraud case on a yet to be determined date, judicial authorities said Tuesday.

Spanish prosecutors in July said they would seek a prison sentence of more than eight years against the singer, afer she rejected a plea deal on accusations of tax evasion.

Earlier, it was reported that Shakira is facing 8 years in prison with a fine of $24 million for alleged tax fraud.

Shakira’s case began in 2018 for evading taxes. She had about $14.5 million up to $15 million in 2012-2014.

During that period, she claimed that she had not officially moved to Spain.

A judge concluded last year that prosecutors had gathered sufficient evidence to pursue tax fraud charges in court.

Then, prosecutors disclosed 6 charges against Shakira.

According to Spanish newspapers, authorities called attention to the amount of taxes she allegedly owed.

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