Breakdown of Saudi Arabia’s 2022 budget in numbers

Saudi Arabia announced on Sunday approving its budget for the fiscal year 2022, with a surplus for the first time in nearly a decade.

Here’s a breakdown of the budget in numbers:

Total expenditures:

2021: 1.015 trillion riyals

2022: 955 billion riyals

Total revenues:

2021: 930 billion riyals

2022: 1.045 trillion riyals

Deficit or Surplus:

Budget deficit in 2021: 85 billion riyals

Budget surplus in 2022: 90 billion riyals

Estimates of Real gross domestic product (GDP) for the medium term:

2021: 2.9 percent

2022: 7.4 percent

2023: 3.5 percent

2024: 4.0 percent

Sector allocations for budget expenditures in 2022:

Basic equipment and transportation: 42 billion riyals

General items sector: 182 billion riyals

Security and administrative regions sector: 101 billion riyals

Military: 171 billion riyals

General administration sector: 32 billion riyals

Economic resources sector: 54 billion riyals

Health and social development sector: 138 billion riyals

Municipal services sector: 50 billion riyals

Education sector: 185 billion riyals

Injections into the economy:

Saudi Arabia’s government plans to inject more than 27 trillion riyals into the economy until 2030.

Ten trillion riyals will go to government spending through the budget over the next 10 years.

Investments exceeding 17 trillion riyals will be divided into: 3 trillion to the Public Investment Fund (PIF), 4 to local and international companies, 5 to the Shareek program, and another 5 to private consumption

The national investment strategy plans to increase foreign direct investment flows to 399 billion riayls year-on-year by 2030 and increase local investments to approximately 1.7 trillion riyals year-on-year by 2030.

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