Brazilian Councilman Sworn in from Jail

A councilman was shockingly sworn in to office during a New Year’s Day ceremony all the while serving a jail sentence stemming from a robbery late last year in northeast Brazil.

Fábio Alves, who won a Marizópolis municipal seat during November elections, has been imprisoned since December 18 after he was arrested for participating in the home invasion robbery of a businessman on October 18.

The 37-year-old politician, who received 194 votes to pick up the council seat, made his bizarre appearance via teleconference from a room at the jail, where he is currently serving a 30-day temporary sentence.

He was surrounded by the Agricóla Colónia Jail’s warden and a prison guard.

Alves allegedly assisted in the escape of three men who identified themselves as police officers when they visited the home in the city of Sousa.

A still image of the home surveillance camera shows two men wearing what appear to be the local police department’s polo shirts and carrying belongings as they made their way through the victim’s dwelling.

The suspects reportedly entered the residence with a fake search warrant and stole $770 and checks.

The gang then abandoned a stolen car after one of the tires caught a flat, and escaped.

Abdon Lopes, who is representing Alves in the case, told Brazilian news outlet UOL that authorities do not have evidence linking his client to the robbery.


‘Fábio participated in the inauguration session and voted for the election of the chairman,’ Lopes said. Although it was an atypical moment, it was also very peaceful. Fábio got emotional and did not want to use his speech right in the virtual gallery.’

Lopes said that Alves was arrested because one of the suspects who allegedly participated in the robbery was arrested at his home.

Alves is the most recent Brazilian officials who has reportedly ran afoul of the law.

Rio de Janeiro former mayor Mayor Marcelo Crivella, who lost a bid reelection, was arrested at his home last Tuesday in connection with an alleged kickbacks scheme which pulled in at least $9.7million.

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