Body Artist Transforms Naked Bodies Into Lifelike Animals

A talented body artist who morphs naked models into impressively lifelike animals has transformed her blossoming pregnancy bump into an incredible work of art.  

Gesine Marwedel, 33, from Germany, has transfigured people into amazingly realistic birds, rabbits, rhinos and even horses with her paintbrush.

But her most ambitious project has seen her turn her paintbrush on herself and transform her body into an animal to document her growing baby bump.

Gesine was unable to arrange a pregnancy photoshoot amid the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic so the talented artist took matters into her own hands and created her very own pregnancy masterpiece.

Her body looked completely unrecognisable after she transformed herself into two elegant birds, a pelican and a kingfisher, to celebrate her pregnancy.

Gesine said that painting herself was a huge challenge, explaining: ‘The ones I painted on myself are really special to me.

‘Because of Covid I can’t get a pregnancy shoot or painting done by someone else so I had to do it on my own which was a real challenge.

‘People love my work. They seem to be fascinated by the transformation of human bodies into something else. In fact I have never had any negative reaction.

‘Mostly I am inspired by a photo, pose or something and first I try out poses by myself in front of a mirror.’

Gesine said she spends up to 12 hours on each body transformation and explained that body painting comes with extra pressure as each project has to be started and finished in one day.

She continued: ‘Body painting is very different from canvas painting.

‘You have to deal with poses, shapes, lights and shadows and a living model, that moves, talks and has needs.

‘You also can’t take a rest and finish the painting another day – it has to be finished the same day, even when it takes up to 12 hours.’

Gesine’s stunning artworks have seen her transform her model’s bodies into elegant birds including swans, ducks, pigeons and flamingos.

She has also ventured out into more complicated animals, including snails, horses, dragonflies, rabbits, horses and even leopards.

Gesine does not only take her impressive photographs on black and white backgrounds, but also amazingly allows her models to pose outdoors, sometimes in what appears to be the animal’s natural habit.

Speaking about the challenges of painting other people, Gesine said it is vital to keep the model warm and relaxed because of the amount of time they have to be painted on for.

But the artist was quick to add that the model is not expected to sit in the final pose for the entire project, but sits in a comfortable position while she perfects the paint.

She explained: ‘When I have a model, I let her do the pose and only sketch some white outlines.

‘Afterwards the model can lay down or sit in a relaxing pose while I paint. I only use dermatologically tested paint of course.

‘It usually takes about 4 to 7 hours to do a full body painting so it is very important to keep the model warm, relaxed and healthy.

‘They have to move every hour, to eat, drink and of course they are allowed to go to toilet.

‘The photoshoot takes a little time as well, to get the right angle, the right position and the perfect light.’

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