Blast targets US Embassy in Tunisia, policeman dead

Blast targets US Embassy in Tunisia, policeman dead

Two militants on a motorbike blew themselves up outside the US Embassy in Tunisia on Friday, killing a policeman and injuring several others in the country’s most serious attack in months.

The explosion took place near the embassy’s main gate, where a Reuters journalist saw a scorched, damaged motorbike and a damaged police vehicle lying amid debris as police gathered around and a helicopter whirled overhead.

The Interior Ministry said two militants were killed carrying out the attack and five police officers were injured, while a civilian suffered minor injuries. State news agency TAP reported that one policeman was killed.

“We heard a very powerful explosion … we saw the remains of the terrorist lying on the ground after he went on the motorbike towards the police,” said Amira, a shopkeeper.

Sirens could be heard on the major highway linking the Lac district, where the embassy is located, with Tunis and suburbs in the north. The US Embassy in a tweet urged people to avoid the area.

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