Bizarro Video Shows Ahmed Malek Stealing Condoms From a Gas Station

Bizarro Video Shows Ahmed Malek Stealing Condoms From a Gas Station

Was he too shy to buy a condom?

Young Egyptian actor Ahmed Malek, 25, is facing a new scandal after his successful participation in the forth edition of Gouna Film Festival.

In a new video circulated on social media few hours ago, the Egyptian actor was at a gas station to buy some stuff.

Surveillance camera caught the actor carrying a condom pack then placed it on the counter.

Later on, Malek lightly hid the pack in his pocket, took out his credit card but never paid for the item, then he talked to someone and left the place.

Since the footage has been heavily circulated among followers, Ahmed broke his silence before the incident turns into a scandal.

Malek wrote a lengthy post on Facebook defending himself against the alleged accusations, claiming that the video has been manipulated.

He wrote: “There is a strange video of me while I’m buying a product from one of the gas stations in Cairo. And after I paid for the product the video went viral as if I stole it.”

“A shameful attempt to defame me, I have the receipt, and I will respond to this strange and shameful behavior by law,”

“I was filmed without my permission, and a sound was added to the video to turn a normal act into a suspicious one,”

“I am very sad and unaware, why is someone trying to hurt someone with this strange cruel act?!”

“I hope everyone doesn’t just believe anything they see. I will file a defamation report on this strange and humiliating incident.”

“And to anyone who has a media presence, I hope to be careful, because turning any position against you will be very easy.”

“I hope to be at your best judgement of me, and I hope that this false defamation does not change your vision of me.”

“I will continue to give my profession all I have and try not to succumb to an unjust attacks. Thank you, and I hope I didn’t waste your time.”

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