Big Money: Students Quits Job to Sell Nude Photos of Herself Online

Big Money: Students Quits Job to Sell Nude Photos of Herself Online

A student has quit her job after earning £15,000 in just two weeks by selling nude photographs of herself online.

Lenny Holmes, 21, from Leeds, signed up to photo-sharing website Onlyfans just a fortnight ago, with 1,500 subscribers paying her £10 a month each to share naked pictures via the site.

The second year university journalism student, who claims her parents approve of her new career, has already quit her 30-hour per week job as a retail assistant at Victoria’s Secret.

She now plans to move out of her student accommodation into a new one-bedroom apartment in Leeds, has paid off her debts and is planning a once in a lifetime trip to the US.

Single Lenny has hit back at trolls who called her a ‘sl*g’ for her new job and sent her death threats online, saying it feels great to ‘monetise her assets’.

She said: ‘Strangers on the internet are the worst, and people can say nasty things.

‘I have had really brutal messages including death threats from random trolls.

‘People have called me a wh*re and a a sl*g and told me I’m not intelligent.

‘I’ve been told to get some GCSEs and do something with my life, but people don’t realise I have those and I’m at university.

‘They are the same people who watch porn every weekend – they just don’t like what I do because they have to pay.’

On the site, subscribers pay a monthly fee to access photos of Lenny but can also pay £20 to £100 extra to receive private photos and videos.

Lenny said she has already pulled in double what she earned in a year at her job in retail – but still plans to become a journalist after university.

The photos she shares include naked and lingerie photos and videos, with prices differing depending on how intimate they are.

Lenny said: ‘I don’t have a partner and if I met someone I’d hope they weren’t bothered by it, but that’s on them.

‘I don’t see it going anywhere long term, it’s not a career prospect for me but it’s fun for now.

‘I was already posting lingerie photos on Twitter and people were telling me I could make so much money.

‘One of my friends was making £3k per week and those numbers are just ridiculous.

‘Because I already had a following online, I was able to charge £14.99 per month for subscription whereas some girls have to start lower.

‘It was so appealing hearing how much money my friends were making and I find it so empowering and enjoyable.

‘I thought older men would be rude and demanding but they are really polite and respectful.

‘I don’t think it’s any different to sending your partner a nude in terms of the content.’

Lenny said although she has 30 hours a week of her time back, taking photos and keeping subscribers engaged is almost like a full time job.

Currently, she finds running her accounts perfect to fit around lectures and has more free time to focus on her studies.

Lenny rejects claims that the money she’s earned is ‘dirty’ and said that even her parents Sarah and Russel are supportive.

She said: ‘It feels great to take my own assets and monetise them.

‘I always had a job at university so I’ve never been really skint, but I could definitely have done with a bit more to be able to do what I wanted with my life.

‘Now, I have hundreds of girls asking for advice and I just tell them they need a thick skin.

‘You can’t accept s*** from people but for every negative comment, you get 10 positive ones.

‘My parents are really on side. As long as I don’t feel pressured into doing anything I don’t want to do, then they’re fine with it.’

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