Biden to announce the end of US support for ‘offensive operations’ in Yemen

The United States will end its support for “offensive operations” in Yemen, a senior Biden administration official said Thursday.

President Joe Biden will “announce an end to American support for offensive operations in Yemen,” Biden’s National Security Advisor said.

Sullivan also confirmed earlier reports that Biden would appoint a special envoy for Yemen. Sources familiar with the move have told Al Arabiya English that Timothy Lenderking was tapped by Biden for the role. Lenderking was previously a senior official at the US Embassy in Riyadh.

Asked if the move was discussed with officials in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, Sullivan said yes and added: “We are pursuing a policy of no surprises.”

Sullivan said the US was in contact with his partners in allies in the region and that they understood the decision.

Biden will discuss US policy on Yemen in further detail later Thursday. “He will talk about the US playing a more active and engaged role in diplomacy to bringing an end to the conflict in Yemen,” Sullivan said.

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