Bicycle Marathon Organized to Celebrate Mother’s Day

Celebrating Mother’s Day, the Heliopolis Library organized a Bicycle Marathon on 18 March, with the participation of about 100 participants.

The 10-km marathon comes in cooperation with the “GO BIKE” team.

The Head of the Heliopolis Association, Nabil Helmy, said that the marathon is one of the most important social and sports events organized by the association. It comes in line with the state’s directives aimed at intensifying efforts to enhance the role of women in society and spread societal awareness of their great role in participating in the sustainable development of the Egyptian state.

Moreover, Hemy pointed out that after the marathon ends, an introductory tour will be held inside the Heliopolis Library, in which the marathon participants will get acquainted with the library’s various sections, activities and its participation in international and local events, including International Women’s Day.

The Heliopolis Library was founded by King Farouk and includes about 50,000 books in all branches of human knowledge. The library issues a monthly programme of cultural events, seminars and parties held throughout the month.

The library succeeded in reaching the finals of the national reading project, which aims to guide Egypt’s children and youth to read, in order to enable them to acquire knowledge, apply it and create new ideas and innovations.

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