Beren Saat’s Sex Scenes Anger Her Husband Mehmet Günsür

Beren Saat's Sex Scenes Anger Her Husband Mehmet Günsür

About a month and a half ago, Netflix premiered Turkish series The Gift, starring Beren Saat and Mehmet Günsür.

The Gift reaped positive reviews from viewers and critics, and formed a strong return to Beren, who was absent for several months from the screen.

Despite all the praises, Saat was heavily attacked for the sexual scenes with her co-star Mehmet.

And when her husband singer Kenan Doğulu has recently been interviewed by the press, he got angry with a journalist who asked him about the scene.

Kenan replied: “You always ask me about it, aren’t there any other scenes you guys?”

He continued: “This scene was filmed by Beren and it’s done, why do you insist on asking questions about it every time, even though I previously told you that I am satisfied with everything my wife does, isn’t this enough?”

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