Bella Hadid Adds Two Arabic Tattoo to Her Collection

For his go-around the top model had celebrity tattooist, Dr Woo, etch fine line tattoos on both her left and right arms, just a few inches below her shoulders.

In a nod to her Palestinian roots, it appeared that Bella has had too new tattoos in Arabic, though it is not yet clear the meaning.

‘Some writings for the always kind and lovely @bellahadid #hideawayatsuitex #slimneedle,’ the Los Angeles-based Dr Wood gushed in the caption of the two photos of Hadid he posted on his Instagram page.

Dr. Woo (born Brian Woo) is famous for his delicate line work, which he maintains started in the 1950s in the Los Angeles prison system.

‘I would describe my style as super delicate with a lot of small details in a smaller space, Woo confessed during an interview with Refinery 29 in 2018.

‘It’s not too bold or invasive and it gives an option to people who don’t want to be totally covered in tattoos; it’s more of an accessory.’

Just hours before her tattoo reveal, Hadid took to Instagram to help spread some love and tenderness to her 35.6 million fans and followers.

‘happy Sunday everyone make sure you do at least one nice thing every single day for somebody else . it adds up.i love you,’ she shared in the caption along with a couple of high-fashion snaps of herself.

In the selfie snaps, the Washington, D.C. native struck some poses in a white-knit ensemble that included white macrame wrapped around her hair pulled into a top bun.

With her two new pieces, Hadid now has no five tiny tattoos.

She turned to the artist, JonBoy (born Jonathan Valena), who’s also known for single-needle, fine-line tattooing, for her first three tats.

The covergirl first got a wing near her right ankle in January 2017, and then added a second wing to the opposite side of her ankle on the same day.

No one knows exactly why she gravitated towards the angelic design for her first tattoo experience.

About six months later, she returned to JonBoy’s studio in New York City to get a tiny rose on the back of her left arm near her elbow.

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