‘Beirut 6:07’ Will be Competing For International Emmy Award

An anthology about the devastating explosion, Beirut 607 is nominated for an international Emmy.

Beirut 6:07 series that pays tribute to the victims and survivors of the August 4th Explosion, is nominated under the Short-Form Series category alongside three other series from Brazil, Spain, and New Zealand.

The series takes its name from the moment of the tragic explosion of Beirut Port on August 4, 2020, and tells stories inspired by real events and real people who lost their lives, or changed forever due to the enormous material and moral losses it left behind blast.

Released in October 2020, a little over two months following the tragic incident that devastated Beirut, the series sheds light on the Beirut Blast with 15 stories, narrated by 15 Lebanese directors in the short film format.


“This still feels like a big haze, but what I do know is that I am honored to be a small part of letting the world hear our story, our heartbreakingly tragic story, through my film Trobil.” Karim Rahbani, Film Director

In the 15 episodes, several writers, directors, and actors participated. Each episode is a short film of about 7 minutes.

Under the different titles “175”, “Emad”, “Trubel”, “Mira”, “La Yamout”, “An Ordinary Day”, “The Pianist”, “Batroun”, “The Most Beautiful Day in My Life” and others, the work team was transferred from Directors, actors and producers tell true stories of the explosion. They deduced her dialogues from the survivors themselves, and from the families of the victims.

Each of the series’ stories takes its scenes into a dramatic plot that leaves its trace, carrying within it sadness, hope, cruelty, joy, and the other mixed feelings that were translated into a high-level television show.

Lebanese directors put all their creative potentials in the service of a humanitarian message they wanted to commemorate the heroes of their films. This is a tribute to the victims of the horrific explosion, led by the Lebanese filmmaking community.

Director Mazen Fayyad, one of the main partners in this initiative, said: “It was a very nice surprise and translates our ambition as workers in this profession. We wanted to make the voice heard so that justice can be done, especially since we do not trust our leaders. We wanted to hammer the nail in time and before the wounds had cooled.”

People hope this nomination will help to bring back the spotlight internationally to this crucial case and that justice will be served.

Nominees were announced on September 23, 2021. Winners are to be announced on November 22, 2021.

Founded in 1969, The International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences is a non-profit, membership organization, based in New York City, comprised of leading entertainment figures across all sectors of the television industry, from over fifty countries.

The Academy was chartered with a mission to recognize excellence in television programming produced outside of the United States, and it presents the International Emmy® Award to programs in sixteen categories.

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