beIN announces unique series of new programming for the holy month of Ramadan

For the special and holy Ramadan period, beIN has announced a wonderful and uplifting programming schedule of world-class entertainment for families and households across MENA to enjoy, including new dramas, movies, children’s programming, cookery shows, and more.

beIN’s Ramadan programming, launching on Thursday 23 April, will see new entertainment for all ages being broadcast across beIN’s exclusive channels – including beIN MOVIES, beIN DRAMA, beIN GOURMET, FATAFEAT, Baraem Channel and Jeem TV – with various announcements to follow over the coming days. Families will also have access to world-leading content from beIN’s international partners, including Fox, CBS, HGTV, Food Network, Nat Geo, BBC, Cartoon Network and more, for what promises to be the best programming ever scheduled by beIN during Ramadan.

In terms of drama, the most eagerly anticipated new series from beIN this month include:

• Bel Qalb (In the heart): a Lebanese series starring Badih Abu Chakra and Carmen Lebbos discussing real-life situations in the Arab world – and how harsh the society can be on a person. Daily at 21:00 Mecca Time (GMT +3) on beIN DRAMA.
• Hob Omry (Love of my life): an Egyptian series starring Haytham Shaker and Sahar Al Sayegh which talks about relationships, love and life commitments in marriage. Daily at 20:00 Mecca Time (GMT +3) on beIN DRAMA.
• Cinemaeyat (Cinemas): a TV drama comedy series made up of separate episodes – with each episode carrying a specific idea cited from a popular movie. The series highlights social awareness and issues in society. Daily at 18:30 Mecca Time (GMT +3) on beIN DRAMA.
• Ghorba (Expatriation): a Lebanese TV drama series exclusively on beIN talks about a love story between a Lebanese woman who falls in love with a man who is 15 years older than her and decides to travel with him and live abroad. Daily at 23:00 Mecca Time (GMT +3) on beIN DRAMA.
• Sawaha El Bakht: a drama series which talks about a middle social class woman called “Umm Suleiman” who plans to retire from her job and seek other opportunities to improve her financial position. Daily at 18:00 Mecca Time (GMT +3) on beIN DRAMA.
In terms of lifestyle, beIN’s very popular beIN GOURMET and FATAFEAT channels will also be broadcasting a host of exclusive cooking content from world-renowned chefs, such as Manal Al Alem, Shahrazad Laoudedj, Fatimah Al Basiri among others. Programming includes:

• FATAFEAT, the exclusive cooking channel on beIN will broadcast programs such as Shu Bihib El Orf season 2 (Mondays and Wednesdays at 12:55 Mecca Time), Bil Afya Ma’ Hayat season 2 (Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays at 13:50 Mecca Time) and The Queen of Arabian Kitchen (daily at 12:00 Mecca Time)

In terms of children’s programming, beIN’s world-class entertainment offerings also include popular kids’ channels Jeem and Baraem. Programming on Jeem TV and Baraem Channel include the following:

• Maya the Bee season 2
• Misho and Robin
• Wussywat
• Hourouf wa Rousoum season 10
• Voltron Legendary Defender season 3
• Sahbat Al Ayaat
However, the entertainment does not stop there – last week beIN launched an amazing new cinema service, which brings the latest movies straight to subscribers before they are seen at the cinema. More than 20 new movies will be released and available on beIN ON DEMAND under CINEMA category in April and May, on top of this special entertainment offering for Ramadan.

Commenting on beIN’s Ramadan programming, Yousef Al-Obaidly, CEO of beIN MEDIA GROUP said, “Ramadan is such a special and holy time for families across the Middle East & North Africa. At beIN we are proud and honoured to provide the best programming ever scheduled during this special period. Subscribers of all ages will be able to find something inspiring, uplifting and entertaining for them – from new movies and dramas, to lifestyle and kids’ content. We are humbled to play our small part in connecting households and families during Ramadan – especially at this difficult time – and I wish everybody Ramadan Mubarak.”

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